TIM ROSS LIVE - Case 22 Byron Bay

TIM ROSS LIVE - Case 22 Byron Bay

FRI 6 OCT, 2017

People came from as far as Sydney and Brisbane to witness Tim Ross' first live performance in Byron Bay. It was a hit. The famed Australian comedian stood tall amongst the 80 strong sold out crowd - and he certainly delivered.

Rosso, a genius at crafting nostalgic stories took us back to the good old days where trampolines weren't protected, cut off denims were ok for both women AND men and how it was acceptable to throw your nan into a granny flat to benefit financially for yourself. Laughter was only the beginning. 

On the design front, Rosso shared passionately on the topic of gentrification and the loss of old beauty and charm. He shared his dreams of keeping what little Byron has of its original structures that are disappearing due to 'Hampton' like abodes appearing and how important it is to preserve the vintage housing gems that still exist to not lose character. It was indeed more than a laugh we were offered.

The night was a success and we were so stoked that Tim 'Rosso' Ross could come to perform. We couldn't be more grateful to the team of people who came together to help us put on a night that we will forever remember. Thank you Byron Bay, we're beaming with gratitude!


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