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Flensted mobiles.

Flensted mobiles.

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Flensted mobiles.

Items are brand new and ready to be hung. All Handmade in Denmark

The Tango Mobile-Red. Inspired by a pair of dancers- a pair move across a dance floor in a dashing tango. The mobile as an aesthetic design in which simplicity, grace and elegance emphasise this feature.This makes it easy for you to fit Tango into any room of a certain size.  Hangs 80cm High x 105cm Wide.

The Stratos Mobile was inspired by space exploration. Each shape—a square folded three times—becomes a futuristic shape that creates unique shadows. Made of colorful plastic shapes and stainless steel rod. Hangs 64cm tall by 84cm wide. Comes fully assembled. 

The Kite mobile-Let your imagination soar with the inspiration of this mobile, which resembles a series of high-flying kites. Two color combinations available: green or black. Made of serigraphical foil with pink string. Hangs 89cm tall by 36cm wide. Comes fully assembled. In both black and green.

Stella Nova Available in two colors: yellow or red. Made of colored plastic shapes and plastic balls. Hangs 46cm wide by 46cm tall. Comes fully assembled. Made in Denmark.

Reflections A modern and truly “interactive” design, which makes an eye-catching mobile.
The mobile will reflect moving spots of light on your walls and ceiling, creating magic in the room, with movement and colours accross the spectrum. The triangles are in acrylic.(CD’s are not included). 105cm × 25 cm.

Asger Jorn This mobile has been developed in cooperation with Museum Jorn, Asger Jorn’s beautiful museum in Silkeborg, Denmark.
The four small figures in the mobile have been based on some of Asger Jorn’s early sketches, done with Indian ink on paper.

Fluxus Embrace the idea of “FLUXUS” by creating your own mobile – anything can be centered in the middle of the mobile using the wooden “clothes pin”. Apart from being a real art mobile, it is actually very suitable for children. It is fresh and smart, and you can hang whatever you’d like in the peg in the center of the mobile.  48cm x 45cm

Viking 5 The mobile moves gracefully with its five Viking ships, with full sails set for the foreign shores. The ships in the mobile are carved from teak. 28cm H x 63cm W.

Dinghy Regatta 5 A very simple and beautiful mobile suitable for any room. The perfect gift for sailors of all ages.

Sea Horse -Red or Blue The graphic expression of the seahorse mobile will add movement and balance in every nursery. Your are welcome to calculate how many combinations of the mobile as a whole you can make, if each sea horse looks either left or right.

Hocus Pocus. Six signs of magic. 52cm H x 45cm W

Bauhaus and Bauhaus -Large This mobile is designed for the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar and is made in its shapes and colours. The mobile has a masculine touch.  35cm x 62cm . If the “normal” size is not big enough, choose this bigger size. 44cm x 94 cm




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